Sunday, January 29, 2012

To The Sea!

Found an interesting story about my hometown of Louisville in the book To The Sea by Jim Miles.  A couple with the last name of Canning escaped Sherman's troops in Atlanta and Macon by seeking safety at their plantation on the Ogeechee River near Louisville, or so they thought.  Foragers from Sherman's left wing came upon them and took Mr. Canning out into the swamp in order to force him into telling where the family money was hidden.

They hung him from a tree by the neck repeatedly, bringing him in and out of unconsciousness, questioning him when he came to.  When he insisted there was no money, they took him back to his wife half dead and threatened her life, too.  She ended up giving them a gold watch and some silver she had buried.  As more troops came through, more threats were made against them until a colonel arrived and gave them assistance. 

I have never heard this story until now, and I can't wait to try and find more information about it.  

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