Thursday, January 19, 2012

The History Channel Version

I ended up watching this documentary by the History Channel again after a few years, if only because a few people have mentioned it to me and I wanted to refresh my memory on it.  I think this is good for what it is, but I do have a few critiques of it. Like most dramatic reenactments, the acting leaves a little to be desired - and it's hard to get the scope of 60,000 men marching when they obviously had only a small percentage of that to work with onscreen.  It's the nature of the beast when trying to recreate something from nothing, so you can't really hold it against them.  

Another thing I want to address here is the generic treatment of the locations.  Besides Atlanta and Savannah, the only towns mentioned by name (that I can remember) were Jonesboro, Milledgeville, Griswoldville, and Millen. There are a number of stories involving the dozens of towns along the route, and it seems to be a shame they are neglected.

That brings me to my goals for the documentary.  I would like to go a little more in depth on the people and places in between Atlanta and Savannah - not just historically speaking, but also from a contemporary standpoint.  What really happened in these towns, and what has lingered in the way of myth and legend 150 years later?     

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