Monday, February 20, 2012

In Search of Redding Hodges

Interesting thing I found out over the weekend - but I need to do more research.  A distant relative was doing some digging in the family tree and came up with this a few years ago.  My great-great grandfather, Redding Hodges, was in the home guard and was allegedly killed by Sherman's troops in Sandersville, at least according to this relative.  I am in the process of finding out where he got this information.  This could be an amazing personal tie-in, if it happens to be true.    

The problem is that there was more than one Redding Hodges alive at the time, and one of them was a corporal in the 12th Battalion Georgia Light Artillery, Company E.  This particular Redding Hodges surrendered with Lee at Appomattox.  Not sure if there is any relation to the other Redding Hodges, or ultimately to me, but it sure is intriguing. Stay tuned!   

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